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Cheapest Best Weight Loss Diet Ever

This is not:
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Dr. David Clark, DC
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Effective weight loss


  • I have lost weight and gained energy by cutting out all grains. Unfortunately, however, when I started drinking coffee and home made Kefir something happened to my immune system I believe. My Iritis started again after 2.5 years of not having it and had very low energy. I have an HLA-B27 positive gene and have suffered with Iritis for over 10 years on and off. I also started loosing my hair again although not severely. I am also vitamin D deficient. I will stop drinking coffee, home made kefir/yogurt and all dairy products and see if my health improves and my weight loss speeds up a bit more.

  • He is actually telling it like it is…….and he is one of the very few.  Gluten is a culprit…if not the only…in the creation of many many illnessess. Gluten attacks each and every type of tissue …..its a real bastard. And the most notable symptom of all these nasty things happening inside of us is…..overweight.

  • This is extremely TRUE..Im living proof my doctor couldnt tell me that my Acupuncturists did.  I was gluten intolerant for 3 years and it was hell.  Lost weight with minimal gym time, clear headed, more energy and happier<–eliminated depression which was solely from feeling like crap and now knowing why. This is becoming more common i know of 3 people in the last 2 years that have the same problem.   

  • I am too tired to cook as in fatigued. I can't concentrate on cooking. I eat out…I usually eat Mediterranean big lunch and thats it for lunch and dinner and usually have a turkey sandwich for breakfast…but I'm not losing weight. What do u know about fatty liver disease?

  • Anna I have same issues though I am younger but have had absent periods since 2006 after taking some pills now taking Diane 35 and glucophege ( metformin ) coz I have pcos check out if you have too

  • I don't know if my problem is gluten. But I have been "diagnosed" with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. I opted out of pills. I have been in horrible, life limiting pain for almost two years. I went on extreme low carb diet and the last week I have felt better than I have in years. I'm walking again and the "brain fog" has cleared. And I've lost some weight, though that wasn't the primary goal. I'm not "fixed" but I sure feel a heck of alot better.

  • Dr. Clark…i know that rice, corn, potatoes, and other vegs do not contain G, but they spike insulin. are they still good for you? which starch is good and which bad. don't we need glucose for the brain to function?

  • Dr. i think you're absolutely right. i lost a tough 45# when i went on a starvation diet (daylight diet, skipping dinner) it was hard and i was miserable. now, thanks to the G-free approach i eat everything, including a lot of fat, eggs, meat, what have you and i feel great, more energy and i'm losing the last 10 stubborn pounds i need to lose…or at least i'm not gaining any.
    I don't know how humanity has survived a gluten rich diet for the past 10,000 years. ?!!!
    thank you. thumbs uP

  • Cheapest?!! You must be kidding! Have you check the price of a gluten free bread or food products? Sorry Dr Clark, GLUTEN FREE diet helps the digestive system but not a weight loss solution. I am on a Gluten free diet and cannot lose weight because I still have a portion control issues. Now why do you think that I am not losing weight on a Gluten Free diet?

  • I just found out through a blood test that I have a slight wheat sensitivity and was constantly having horrible headaches because of it AND stomach problems as well, was horrible.
    My weight is already starting to slide off and feel so much more energized by eating better:)

    these videos are very helpful

  • In a general way, yes–stress can cause diabetes because chronic stress can cause chronic high levels of cortisol. High cortisol can make you resistant to insulin….glucose piles up…you get diagnosed Diabetic. However, saying for sure that stress is THE cause for any one person sounds a little iffy to me.

  • Wendy, There web is chock full of all kinds of resources. However, I can't really recommend them because of what I know about the mistakes people make when going gluten-free. You could search my videos for gluten-free diet mistakes to get more info on what I mean.

  • hI Dr clark .i love my fiancé' but I'm so so devastated because he developed type 2 diabetes . he is overweight and also his dad has diabetes that progressed to type 1 .
    he visited a doctor working at alrington medical center and he told him that stress caused his diabetes . because actually we been 2 many ups and downs for one year and 5 months and i feel I'm responsible for that my question is can stress leads to type 2 diabetes ? can diabetes be reserved ? can i please contact you ?

  • 6 weeks gluten and 80% grain free (some brown rice and quinoa), no 'gluten free' substitutes apart from one small cake on holiday, and not lost 1 ounce of weight! I did it for health but really thought the weight would drop off and was disappointed. I suffer fatigue and may have a thyroid problem. I have given up with UK doctors, they have not helped me in 10 years and will do nothing but a very basic thyroid test and then tell you you're normal and expect you to go away!

  • I watched a documentary on Woodstock a while back–lots of crowd scenes and so on–and after a while I started deliberately looking for obese people..because there werent any! Oh, one or two, but almost everyone was "thin" or "normal". So other things than gluten are at play here in todays obesity epidemic. BUT..I was going to say–the one "group" of people marked out by big bellies–even in Italy–back in those days was…Bakers. . It even had a name: "bakers belly" Gluten!

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