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The Truth About My Weight Loss


  • It's okay. I lost 80lbs 2 years before I had a baby and having a baby is NOT EASY. I joined the gym and wanted to cry when I left him at the gym day care. My son is 1 now I still need to loose weight. I am hypo thyroid too. And yes it's hard to make healthy dinners with a crying baby etc etc. It's a hard balance. But please don't hide from us! So many of us are in the same struggle you are!

  • I think you are pressuring yourself too much, don't worry about going to the gym focus on managing your portions, if you eat healthy wholesome food then you are on the right track. If you have to workout than do it with Georgie lay on the floor and bench press him, hold on to him and squat with him.

  • Jenn, Omg!! I can relate to you on sooo many levels…. you are not alone. I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and during my pregnancy I gained almost 50lbs. Now prior to getting pregnant I had lost 60. So I am basically back where I started:(((. I tried so hard not to gain that much during my pregnancy but the last month I felt like I barely moved off the couch. I am trying to fit into my day some kind of workout. Sometimes my little girl allows that and other days it seems like I don’t have time for anything but giving her my full attention. Please stay positive and make more videos. I need as much motivation as I can get and watching your videos have helped me lose the weight in the beginning!!!

  • You are a new mom and breastfeeding! The whole ohhh you always lose so much weight breastfeeding spiel is not the truth! Breastfeeding makes you hungry always and you have your son taking your attention at the moment. You will get there! Don’t be so hard on yourself love! You will succeed! ❤️

  • I can't speak to how difficult it is to find a balance between being the amazing mom your are and getting that momentum because I am not a mom yet but I think you are just as motivational as the first day I began following you!! An inspiration to be a great mother and through weight loss! It is so true about knowing what to do but finding that flame to get started again. You are amazing and I can't wait to keep following your entire journey ❤

  • I think you should try a different diet. it might be that the type of diet you are following is not right for your metabolism. just a suggestion. . love you girl

  • you touched me today ! i have been where you are !!!!! i had 4 babies in 6 yrs, i gained almost 100 pounds. i lost 50 after i had the first 2 and then gained it all back and more with the last 2. I just lost all the weight and reached goal in 2015 and have maintained since, but my youngest is 18 yrs old !!!! can it still even be called baby weight??? ha ha. i focused ALL my energy on being a great mom ,but i really regret not taking better care of myself much much sooner ! If i had had the energy and confidence i have now for all those years when my kids were younger i would've been an even better mom ! i feel like i spent over 20 yrs hiding from the world , saying no to activities and events because i wasn't comfortable in my own skin , and because i was so physically unhealthy ! Give yourself grace , but then look at your baby ( your why) and kick some ass !!!! do it for him and the incredible mama you are and will be in the future ! the momma that can run around and play and want to explore the world with your adorable little man. And set an example for the kind of life you want him to live so he won't have to struggle like we did ! my heart is with you on this journey !

  • I have hypothyroid/ Hashimotos. When I had my 2nd daughter I couldn't lose any wt until I stopped breastfeeding. She was 26 months old when I stopped. I also have had issues pumping. Where I could only get 1 to 2 oz out with pumping. Once I was done the weight came off- slowly. Now I have my 3rd baby. She is almost 6 months old. The weight is coming off slowly this time. I've lost 9 lbs in 2 months. Its so hard, and slow. I try to take it 1 day at a time. Iam using the free Itrackbites app. Its like weight watchers with the points system. I am wishing you the best on your Journey. Weight loss is definitely a journey💖

  • Every time I would eat too much I let it happen because I wanted TASTE more then my health,
    feeling more comfortable throughout the day,
    clothes fitting,
    feeling good about myself mentally,
    having a good mood in general.
    I now am incorporating intuitive eating. Going back to what I did before they came out with this name. My hubby had a plate of pasta last night. I ate mostly salad. Had a ravioli. I was so good. But went back to my salad. Had another ravioli and then decided he could eat my third ravioli on my plate cause I felt too full to finish my dinner. And I remember 💭 big I could have ate the 3rd one but what for? I really enjoyed the 2 I ate. And with that I felt so good for the rest of the night.
    Yes it can taste great but listen to your comfort level. I have noticed eating smaller portions has made my stomach smaller so it takes time for you to eat less. My days won't be perfect but
    Mentally positive
    Being mindful is important.
    It will happen. Just takes time to get ready.

  • I no longer stay at home and hide. The sweater is no longer worn and because of that I find I want to eat better. The ppl around me are still inspiring of why I am no longer hiding. Going out more the mood has lifted a lot.

  • I think; give yourself a break. You don't have to do everything this red hot minute! And the older he gets the easier it will be to get active again. Also going for nice walks with a stroller is something you can do! Maybe also look into plant based eating; it's all about eating MORE and weighing LESS (calorie dilute foods, great nutrition, lots of minerals, and fiber). You are allowed to breastfeed and be a mom and find your new self in the process.

  • Jenn we all love you and your little family💕 and know that little Georgie💙 should be you're first priority and all that weight loss stuff will come later… don't worry continue being that wonderful💗mother you have become💞

  • How many calories are you consuming a day? The same thing happened to me with the dip in my milk supply. I went from 1800 calories to 2100 calories (sometimes more) and it seems to be helping. I was 228 pounds when I gave birth 6 weeks ago and now I’m 205. But I still have another 50 pounds to lose from my first son who is almost 2. 🙁

  • My baby turns 2 on Friday and I'm just now getting my act together! They aren't babies forever ENJOY IT!! I WAS 100% Where you are!!! I breastfed for 1yr. I ate like a football player! ITS TOTALLY NORMAL! I GET IT! Don't be so hard on yourself Girl! Enjoy your baby right now! There will be plenty of gym and Jim ( my husband's name is Jim also) time soon! Hang in there girl!! You can't get this precious time back 💙 I'm srene83 on IG!!

  • Its just good to see again, no matter what you weigh. I missed you! I can totally relate to struggling with weight & self care after babies. Hang in there, it gets better.

  • I have 3 babies. Hypothyroidism. The struggle is real. Loosing weight. Finding time maintaining my home. Tending to the kids and husband. Budget friendly meal plan and meal prepping ..The struggle is literally real for all of it lol

  • First of all thank you for being honest. I can relate to you 100%, I'm in the same boat with the mental struggle. I think you are wise to just take it easy and focus on feeding your baby, you are giving him amazing nutrition and antibodies. If you want some extra motivation you might want to check out another you tuber Becca Bristow, she's a registered dietitian and has some interesting videos on intuitive eating and listening to your body. She is now pregnant and has some videos about that too. Thanks for posting your video, and know that you are not alone!

  • Hi Jenn, I’ve been a follower for a long time. I also had a big weight loss around the time you did and I always found inspiration in you and in Lauren from lose it like Lauren. I also gained the weight back and I didn’t have a baby 🙊 Lauren hasn’t gained everything back but she did some. I think we all have to come to terms with the fact that weight loss isn’t linear. I always had the vision in my mind that once I reach my goal I will stay there and never go back, but after so many years I have to accept that it may not work like that for all of us, and we are in this battle till the end. Sending love ❤️

  • I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty. I had a baby as well last year about the same time you did and I understand your struggles. I just wanted to suggest a couple of things. 1st off, dont go for the number on the scale, go for how you feel. I woke up one morning about 2 months ago and I was tired of feeling bloated all the time! I couldn't even suck it in without feeling fat.and this was in part due to starting birth control (my appetite got out of control) So i got myself on an eating schedule. And this helped. Because I wouldn't eat until I was hungry and it was so hard to cook with the baby there so i would end up eating anything I could find. I made myself wake up earlier than my baby and started making my breakfast and lunch. Also, I started eating a lot of protein to help keep me full. I also made it a point to workout at a certain time of the day regardless of whether baby is awake or not. I workout in my garage with YouTube videos (fitness blender) or go for a walk with my baby. It's been about 2 months and I haven't lost weight, but I definitely look and feel much better. Lastly, like you said yourself, enjoy your kid and dont feel too bad.

  • i think you will get back to where you want to be its going to take time I am the same I lose weight and gain it back all the time and my son is 4yrs now and I still struggle take that pressure off start a channel of just you and your family and do not focused on weight loss I bet you all your followers will go to that channel because we are here for you weather you gain or loss weight 🙂 Slowly you will notice your body will crave the healthy routine again just ease into it but take the pressure off your not perfect we understand that

  • I did subscribe to you because you were on a weight loss journey but I’m not mad at you for not actively being on one now. I know how hard it is to lose weight, I’ve lost weight and gained it back and then some, and I’m on track losing weight again. I totally relate to how easy and quick it is to put the pounds on and how slow and difficult it is to get the pounds off. I’ve lost 40 so far and hope to lose almost 50 more. So I’ve got a ways ahead of me. Just take your time and when it’s time for you to start your journey again you’ll know.

  • btww i study nutrition, still first year but yea we actually leanred this theory that our body (metabolism) has this whole 'set point theory' and it wants to hang onto the same weight range loll idk if its truee. but yeah i feeel you cause i lost like 5 pounds in like 2 months LOL and like its so annoying like it wants to stay at the same range

  • I saw a video on this, it was for a workout dvd but the girl said if your nursing that you can bump up your calories by 500 but I mean it depends how much you workout though and you should be able to lose weight still. if you workout like 2-3 times a week maybe just cut down by 200-300 calories

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