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Week 118 Weight Watchers Adapting with the Seasons


  • Gave up diet soft drinks last Sept. Still miss ‘em, but just because of the convenience. I find that I like room temperature bottled Smart water with propel kiwi strawberry mix (not already bottled). I also, drink unsweetened tea (with a small amt of artificial sweetener). Lately I’ve caught myself almost caving in at restaurants, but determined to stay off ‘em as long as I can (LOL). Colonoscopy is a necessary test with age. Not my favorite, but my sister has had colon cancer, so it’s something I accept. Hope all went well, Kim.

  • My favorite part of the colonoscopy is the Lorna doones afterwards. I know we’re not supposed to use food as a reward, but I look forward to Lorna’s and cranberry juice.

  • I'm kinda bummed, I was really looking forward to seeing a cute little puppy face in your videos soon.
    But good thing you figured it out before you brought her home.

  • First of all, I thought you guys were maybe 35- y’all look great!! Secondly, I am so, so sorry to hear about all those people passing away- that is so hard! And sadly it keeps being hard. Many hugs and prayers! ❤️❤️❤️

  • It's Monday afternoon so you should be done by now. The prep is the worst but the test is simple and I was quite happy mine was clear so I shouldn't have to do the prep again for 10 years.

  • Colonspcopys are easy peasy. I kind of loved the feeling after the clean out and the procedure is such a great nap. My reward after is always a cheeseburger (not WW friendly).
    I feel you on the sodas. I don't drink a ton, but really trying to limit (not sure I could cut out 100%). Won't have at home and if I have one at work during the day, I won't have with dinner. So hard!!
    Finally, kudos on realizing you are not quite ready for the puppy commitment. Volunteering at a shelter, I see many who end up there because their people didn't have time for them. Not implying you would ever do that, because I know you wouldn't, but recognizing that it is a lifestyle change that you aren't ready for is big.

  • By now, you know the prep was the worst part of the colonoscopy. Enjoy the nice rest. You'll be fine.. Easy. Seems like as we get older more people are getting older, sick and pass. Bless them all.

  • For 30 yrs I have ordered hot water with lemon. I am in my late 50's and have had 12 children. I have never had gal stones, kidney stones or appendix issues. It's a good, low calorie choice.

  • We just adopted a 2 yr old dog. We’ve always started with puppies but this time an older dog was the best choice. Adopted from a family member who had to let it go. So we are so very happy not to be dealing with puppy business! It’s already house trained, kennel trained for over 10 hrs, wants to learn, wants our love but doesn’t need constant watching! No chewing no bad habits. It’s a win/win! May be your answer.

  • I only drink soda (diet of course) when I go out. Trying to replace an alcoholic drink while dining out. I do drink sparkling water at home when I need something fizzy. But water is my friend and I drink lots of just plain water. 💦

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