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Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Lemon Cheesecake by WWPoundDropper

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  • HI Kim, I love your videos,I love your recipes you inspire me to keep going. I have made the cheese cake 2 times, but add it orange extract, Am a little confuse I bought the great value sugar free vanilla instant pudding and pie filling is says 1/4 package and it makes 4 servings, so when I add it to my recipe it comes out to 1 point? How do you get 0 point for your recipe. I add the same thing as your recipe the only thing I change is the brand of the pie filling. Thank you❤️

  • Hi Kim, yes I realise, I WW a video on u tube a talk by a dr saying we are all different and we need to listern to our bodies, what works for one may not work for someone else.💕

  • Hi Kim, I am f rom the U.K., this year Ihave not been really loosing so close to a healthy BMI. I keep going up and down. Up sometimes when I think I should have been down. Was so fed up as been trying to work the program. I decided to use an old plateau diet I had been given way back when we had points in the U.K. (don’t know the equivalent in the States) when my WI’s. appeared to level out as I had been loosing every week, I hadn’t asked for this but my leader at the time offered it & just gave it to me. You use it for three days of your week, all pointed. I decided to miss last WI just because I. found it so depressing not to loose. I have done it counting it as you would flex points as we have in the U.K. This week I was amazed and had lost 3.5 lbs. over 2 weeks. I have been thinking about how to work things and asked my leader if you aren’t loosing do you eat less points a day? Her answer was those points are there for you to have. The thing is I do want to loose about 9 more lbs to be in a happy place with the rises and falls of weight loss. Her answer wasn’t quite what I thought she would say. So what would you say because I am thinking I probably need to cut my everyday points down from 23 to maybe 18, 19, 20. I hope you don’t mind me asking you this. It seems one needs to be super strict at this close stage of weight loss. I enjoy watching your channel. 💕

  • I can’t wait to try this. I love lemon and I love cheesecake. I think I will crumble a graham cracker over the top just to give it a little more authentic cheesecake flavor, making sure not to add enough that I will have to add points.

  • Hi. I enjoyed this video. I noticed your bag of Truvia said it was blended with cane sugar. Is this type sweetener zero points? Does it have a bitter aftertaste? Just wondering since I bought a store brand of Truvia and it has a strong bitter aftertaste. I will be making this this week. Looks delicious.

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